State Cultural and Recreational Resources Committee
March 11, 2003-2:00P

HB 815
    For:      Raeke, John (Self)
              Turner, Bob (Self and Texas Sheep & Goat Raisers Assn.)
              Tyroch, Wayne (Self)
              Yanta, Zachary Xavier (Texas Farm Bureau)
    On:       King, Jack (Sportsmen Conservationist of Texas)
              Nunley, Gary (Texas Wildlife Damage Management Service
                   State Agency)
              Sinclair, David (Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept.)

HB 1328
    On:       Roegner, Rosanne (Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept.)

HCR 16
    For:      Garza, Marc (Self)
              Gonzalez, Audrey Judith (Self)
              Guthrie, Michael Ray (Self)
              Ybarra, Catharina Clara (Self)