Law Enforcement Committee
May 19, 2003-2:30P

SB 52
    For:      Hilton, Torie (Texas Association Against Sexual Assault)

SB 166
    For:      Hilton, Victoria (Texas Association Against Sexual

SB 943
    For:      Furrie, Mary (Self)
              Green, Mike (Speedmark and Mystery Shopping Providers
              Henry, Eugene W. "Reb" (Self and MSPA)
              Hooser, Greg (Mystery Shopping Providers Association)
    Against:  Burt, Bob (Self and Associated Security Services and
                   Investigators of the State of Texas)
              Chisum, John (Self and Texas Assn. Licensed
              Coffey, Michael (Self)
              Hulsey, Paul D. (Self and Texas Association of Licensed
              Russell, David (Self)

SB 1114
    For:      Bender, Don (Texas State Troopers Association)
              Harrell, Will (ACLU)
              Yanez-Correa, Ana (Texas LULAC)

SB 1597
    For:      Harrell, Will (ACLU, LULAC, NAACP)
              Uhr, Pam (ACLU of Texas)
    Against:  Gaylor, Tom (Texas Municipal Police Association)
              Wilkison, Charley (CLEAT)
    On:       Noll, Chuck (Harris County District Attorney's Office)