Public Health Committee
(SUBCOMMITTEE ON Drug and Alcohol Abuse by Pregnant Women)
August 25, 2004-10:00A

Drug and Alcohol Abuse
    On:       Bankhead, Kathryn (Self)
              Craven, Susan (Texans Care for Children)
              Gong, M.D., Alice (Texas Pediatric Society)
              Gray, Patricia (Self)
              Haire, Jim (Self)
              Hollier, M.D., Lisa (TAOG)
              Moore, Gloria (Self)
              Romberg, Peggy (Women's Health and Family Planning
                   Association of Texas)
              Schwab-Radcliffe, Suzanne (Self)
              Smith, Carolyn (Texas Office for Prevention of
                   Developmental Disability)
              Vesowate, Joe (Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug
              Wendel, M.D., George (Self)