Public Health Committee
May 21, 2003-8:00A

SB 56
    On:       Tessen, Robert "Sam" (Office of Rural Community Affairs)

SB 216
    For:      Copeland, Chris (Texas Veterinary Medical Association)
              Vickers, Mike (Self and Texas Veterinary Medical

SB 309
    Against:  Gerstenschlager, Merrylynn (Self and Texas Eagle Forum)
              Maddox, Matthew (Young Conservatives of Texas)

SB 474
    For:      Greene, Linda (Self)
              Shields, Brad (Self and Texas Assoc of School Boards)
    Against:  Moore, John (Galena Park ISD)

SB 1148
    For:      Sjoberg, Elizabeth (Texas Hospital Association)

SB 1392
    For:      Wall, Matt (Texas Hosptial Association)
    On:       Tennyson, Susan (TDH)

SB 1662
    For:      Spicer, Heather (Self)

SB 1662 Committee Substitute (McReynolds)
              Harkless, Lawrence (Texas Diabetes Council)

SCR 14
    On:       Blass, Casey (Texas Department of Health)