Public Health Committee
April 24, 2003-12:00P

HB 1381
    For:      Cullinane, Mary (Self)
              Nichols, Simone (Self)
              Riddering, Hannah (Self and Texas National Organization
                   for Women)
              Tierney, Danielle (Planned Parenthood of the Texas
                   Capital Region)
              Walters Lowery, Dawn (Self)
              Wheat, Sarah (Texas Abortion & Reproductive Rights
                   Action League)
    Against:  Chunn, Tama (Self and Life Advocates)
              Vatterott, Judy (Life Advocates)
    On:       Dobson, Gay (Texas State Board of Pharmacy)
              Gonzales, David (Texas Pharmacy Association)

HB 1545
    For:      Camacho, Jose (Self)
              McGiffert, Lisa (Consumers Union)
              O'Conner, Caroline (Texas State Employees Union)
    On:       Gonzales, David (Texas Pharmacy Association)

HB 1834
    For:      Frietsch, Herman (IAACN)
              Gleis, Radhia (Self and IAACN)
              Heffley, James (Clinical Nutrition Certification Board)
              Jaffe ESQ, Richard (IAACN)
              Mariea, Tamara (Self and IAACN)
              McGehee, Dr. Frank (IAACN)
              Riley, Gay (Self and IAACN)
    Against:  Hooser, Greg (Texas Dietetic Assn)

HB 2629
    For:      Hilton, Victoria (Texas Association Against Sexual
              Sanchez, Ellen (SAFEPLACE)
              Urena, Joanne (Self)
    On:       Banda, Jennifer (Texas Hospital Asso)
              Gann RN, Kathleen (Austin/Travis County Sexual Assault
                   Nurse Examiners)

HB 2988
    Against:  Richardson, Dawn (Parents Requesting Open Vaccine

HB 2996
    Against:  Gonzales, David (Texas Pharmacy Association)
              Reagan, Karen (Texas Federation of Drug Stores)
    On:       Dodson, Gay (Texas State Board of Pharmacy)

HB 3008
    For:      Kamm, Bob (Association of Surgical Assistants)
              Kamm, Bob (Texas Society of Surgical Assistants)
    On:       Garanflo, Jaime (Texas State Board of Medical Examiners)

HB 3009
    For:      Fine MD, Robert (Texas Medical Association)
              Hooser, Greg (Texas Advance Directive Coalition)

HB 3011
    For:      Alsup, Wm Dewitt (Nueces County Hosp District)

HB 3088
    For:      Wilson, Barbara (Travis County, TX Commisioners Court)
    On:       Jones, Paula (ERS)

HB 3174
    On:       Blass, Casey (Texas Department of Health)

HB 3240
    On:       Hernandez, Lisa (Tx Commission on Alcohol & Drug Abuse)

HB 3389
    For:      Shepperd, John (Self and Association of Texas Medical
                   Equipment Dealers)
    On:       Tennyson, Susan (TDH)

HB 3475
    On:       Dillard, Annabelle (Texas Dept of Health)

HB 3486
    On:       Dodson, Gay (Texas State Board of Pharmacy)
              Gonzales, David (Texas Pharmacy Association)

HB 3497
    For:      Rodriguez, Ernest (American Heart Association)
    On:       Arnold, Jim (Texas Dept of Health)

HCR 103
    For:      McCarthy, Ed (Texas Shrimp Association)
              Moore, Tim (Texas Shrimp Farmers Association)