Public Health Committee
April 23, 2003-8:00A

HB 1094
    For:      Camacho, Jose (Tx Assn of Community Health Centers)
    On:       Berry, Connie (Texas Department of Health)

HB 1353
    For:      Rocha, Susan (City of San Antonio)
    On:       Owens, Debra (Texas Department of Health)

HB 1801
    For:      Brown, Bob (Self)
              Lovelace, Joe (NAMI Texas)
              Rushing, Susan (Self)
              Sayles, Billy Ray (Self and Nueces County MHMR)
              Travis, Jamie (Self)
    Against:  Derr, Patti (Self and Patti Derr)
              Halligan, Mike (Texas Mental Health Consumers)
              Hyatt, Deborah (Texas Federation of Families for
                   Children's Mental Health)
    On:       Gantt, Melanie (Mental Health Association in Texas)
              McKimmey, Gerry (Texas Department of Mental Health &
                   Mental Retardation)

HB 1981
    For:      Beamer MD, Cynthia (University Hospital)
              Harracksingh, Rachel (Life Ambulance & TAA)
              Hernandez, George (Bexar County Hospital District)
              Hipp, Jonny (Nueces County Hospital District)
              Peters, Thomas (University Health System)
              Wigley, Lee Ellen (Self)
    Against:  Allison, Jim (County Judges & Commissioners Assn of Tx)
              Davis, Lynda (Self and Hardin County)
              Gerner, Vickki (Self and Kaufman County)
              Glover, Sue (Texas Assn of Counties)
              Harris, Jack (Self and Brazoria County)
              Hester, Janeane (Atascosa County)
              Kelley, Rita (Bell, Hamilton, Mills Counties)
              Magers, Bonnie (Self)
              Morlales, Yolanda (Self and Bastrop County Indigent
              Roberts, Bride (Self)
              Sims, Judge Randy (Brazos County Texas)

HB 2428
    For:      Lambert, Tim (Texas Home School Coalition)
    On:       Hairston, Terrie (Board of Vocational Nurse Examiners)

HB 2521
    For:      Horton, Colleen (Tx Center for Disability Studies)

HB 2536
    On:       Elkins, James (Texas Department of Health)

HB 2539
    For:      Beck, Susan (Self and Metro Ambulance)
              Rios, Jaime (Americana Ambulance)
    On:       Arnold, Jim (Texas Dept of Health)

HB 2991
    For:      Berry, Jorey (March of Dimes)

HB 2992
    For:      Cacciatore, Gary (Cardinal Health Inc)
              Gonzales, David (Texas Pharmacy Association)
              Gunter, Greg (HD Smith Wholesale Drug Co)
              Stone, Sam (Texas Wholesale Druggists Assn)
    On:       Donnelly, Denise (Office of the Attorney General)
              McGiffert, Lisa (Consumers Union)
              Tennyson, Susan (Texas Dept of Health)

HB 3057
    For:      Johnson, Sam (Registered Opticians Association of Texas)
    Against:  Coble, Dr. John (Texas Optemetric Association)
    On:       Zukowski, Dr. Jim (Texas Dept of Health)

HB 3121
    For:      Hays MD, James (Self and Texas Medical Association)
              McGiffert, Lisa (Consumers Union)
              Rogers, George (Texas Medical Assoc)
    Against:  Berlanga, Hugo (Wellness International Network LTD)
              Camp, Rosalie (Self)
              Camp, Shannon (Self and Wellness Intl Network Ltd)
              Camp IV, Ivan (Wellness International Network Inc)
              Chandler, Diane (Self)
              Chandler, Michael (Self)
              Crome, Diane (Self)
              Johnson, Joe (Self)
              Markuly, Kim (Self and Wellness International Network
              Mathews, Michael (Wellness Intl Network LTD)
              Russum, Sheryl (Self)
              Sahl RN, BSN, Alison (Self and Wellness International
              Sindler, Janice (Self)
              Stewart, Annette (Self)
              Wetzel, Nancy (Self)
              Wilhelm, Donald (Self)
              Young, Lucia (Self and Wellness International Network)

HB 3138
    Against:  Matthew, Michael (Wellness Intl Network LTD)
    On:       Tannert, Karen (Texas Dept of Health)

HB 3193
    For:      Schnabel, Charlie (Texas Academy of Pediatric Dentistry
                   and Texas Dental Assistants Association)

HB 3264
    For:      Keane, Alison (National Paint & Coatings Association)
    On:       Villanacci PhD, John (Texas Department of Health)

HB 3310
    For:      Hipp, Jonny (Nueces County Hospital District)

HCR 101
    On:       McGiffert, Lisa (Consumers Union)