Public Health Committee
April 10, 2003-12:00P

HB 987
    For:      Morris, Carrie (Self)
    Against:  Beliveaux, Bess (Self and Lions Eye Bank of Central
              Johnson, Mark (Self)
              Neel, Dr. Morris (Self and Myself)
              Wilson, Garvid (Self)
    On:       Ott, Judge Patricia (Justices of the Peace & Constables
                   Association of Texas)
              Stanley, MD, Sharilyn (TDH)

HB 1097
    For:      Berry, Jorey (March of Dimes)
              Cromwell, Polly (March of Dimes)
              Hinojosa, Regina (Self)
    On:       Canfield, PhD, Mark (TDH)

HB 1099
    For:      Utter, Tom (City of Corpus Christi)

HB 2019
    For:      Morris, Carrie (Self)

HB 2075
    For:      Hoffman, Courtney (Dirk Eastland, Camp Mystic)
    On:       Minoia, Michael (Texas Department of Health)

HB 2721
    For:      Villas, Pam (Self)

HB 2998
    For:      Klein, Dr. Franz (Texas Chiropractic Association)

HB 3014
    For:      Hargraves, JoAnne (Schering-Plough External Affairs)

HB 3126
    For:      Light, Dr. Kathi (Texas Nurses Association)
              Sjoberg, Elizabeth (Texas Hospital Association)
    On:       Fowler, Chris (Texas Higher Education Coordinating