Public Health Committee
April 9, 2003-8:00A

HB 49
    On:       Briseno, Elias (Texas Dept of Health)

HB 770
    For:      Camacho, Jose (TX Assn of Community Health Centers, FNC)

HB 1093
    For:      Dabney, Carey (Self)
              Higgins, Carlos (Self)
              Hoffmann, Patty (Texas Dietetic Association)
              Hooser, Greg (Tx Dietetic Assn & Tx School Food Service
              Kennedy, Deborah (Self and Texas Dietetic Association)
              Mouser, Patricia (Texas School Food Service Assn)
              Reynolds, Pat (Self and Eanes ISD School Health Advisory
              Smith, Carolyn (Self)
              Smith, Michelle (Self)
              Summers, Shelley (American Cancer Society)
              Tounget, Craig (Texas Parent Teacher Assn)
              Ward, Jerri (Self and Texas Dietetic Association)
    Against:  Beneski, Amy (Texas Association of School
              Carpenter, Bill (Houston Independent School District)
              Cochran, Neva (Coalition for a Healthy & Active America)
              Collins, Robby (Dr. Mike Moses/Dallas ISD)
              Long, Sharon (Crandall Independent School District)
              Moore, John (Self and Galena Park ISD)
              Morgan, Jerry (Crandall ISD)
              Sords, David (Self)
              Winkler, Sarah (Texas Association of School Boards)
              Zolkoski, Dr. Mike (Self)
    On:       Combs, Susan (TDA)
              Perkins, John (Texas Education Agency)
              Sanchez, Eduardo (Texas Department of Health)
              Shields, Brad (Self)

HB 1266
    For:      Raef, Dr. Kevin (Texas Chiropractic Association)
    Against:  Myers, Leslie (Texas Association of Acupuncture &
                   Oriental Medicine)
              Wainner, Robert (Self and Texas Physical Therapy
    On:       Aikman, Harvey (Texas State Board of Physical Therapy
              Harwell, Jessica (Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners)

HB 1538
    Against:  Hankins, Lamar (Funeral Consumers Alliance of Texas)
    On:       Wissolik, Erica (Sunset Commission)

HB 1538 Committee Substitute (Dawson/Substitute)
    For:      Longino, Lee (SCI/TFDA)

HB 1694
    For:      Higgins, Carlos (Self and Texas Silver Haired
    Against:  Speight, Susan (Self and Texas Association for Marriage
                   and Family Therapy)
              Willmann, James (Texas Nurses Association)
    On:       Majek, Mark (Board of Nurse Examiners)

HB 3153
    Against:  Garey, Glen (Texas Restaurant Assn)

HB 3155
    Against:  Garey, Glen (Texas Restaurant Assn)

HB 3535
    On:       Dillard, Annabelle (Texas Department of Health)

HB 3542
    For:      Semos, Chris (Self and Dean Foods)
    On:       Jakovich, Derek (Texas Department of Health)
              Wright, Gene (Texas Department of Health)