Public Health Committee
April 3, 2003-12:00P

HB 776
    For:      Glenney, James (Self and Alzheimer's Assn Coalition of
              Jackson, Sarah (Alzheimer's Association Coalition of

HB 1708
    On:       Tennyson, Susan (TDH)

HB 1930
    Against:  Sprinkle, G.K. (TX Ambulance Association)
    On:       Cantrell, Josh (Texas Municipal League)
              Perkins, Kathryn (Tx Dept of Health)

HB 2132
    For:      McPherson, Bob (Texas Psychological Association)
    On:       Norbraten, Brett (Tx State Board of examiners of

HB 2324
    For:      Dorman-O'Donnell RN, Margie (TNA & THA)

HB 2349
    On:       Tennyson, Susan (TDH)

HB 2609
    For:      Romano-Ostrom, Lucia (Self)
    On:       Kilowit, Dee (TCOMI)

HB 2989
    For:      Baker, Dr. Lori (Baylor University)
              Odom, James (Baylor University)

HB 2990
    For:      Rister, Nancy (Self)

HB 2999
    For:      Stephens, Michael "Spanky" (Texas State Athletic
                   Trainers Association)
    Against:  Weitz, Tim (Texas Physical Therapy Association)