Public Health Committee
April 2, 2003-8:00A

HB 340
    For:      Aragon, Richard (Self)
              Brown, William (Palmer Drug Abuse Program, San Antonio
              Coyle, Barbara (Self)
              Doeppenschmidt, Michelle (Self)
              Donham, Jennifer (Self)
              Frye, Patricia (Self)
              Haag, James (Self)
              Heikkala, Karen (TX ACLU)
              Lopez, Chelsea (Self)
              Nieto, Shelsta (Self)
              Ramos, Aldo (Self)
              Reyna, Andy (Self)
              Zamudio, Joseph (Self)
    Against:  Reagan, Karen (Texas Retailers Association and Texas
                   Federation of Drug Stores)
              Sargent, Michael (Consumer Healthcare Products
    On:       Gonzales, David (Texas Pharmacy Association)
              Tennyson, Susan (TDH)

HB 1483
    For:      Mancini, Mary (Texas Organization Nurse Executive
    Against:  Brashears, Pam (Texas League of Vocational Nurses)
              Brownback, Jonell (Texas League Vocational Nurses)
              Davault, Greg (Self)
              Debold, Patrick (Concorde Career Colleges Inc)
              Simmons Johnson, Deborah (Self)
              Zielinski, Rebecca (Self and Extended Health Education)
    On:       Hairston RN CHE, Terrie (Board of Vocational Nurse
              Harvey, Geneva (Board of Vocational Nurse Examiners)
              Thomas, Katherine (Board of Nurse Examiners)

HB 1515
    On:       Thomas, Katherine (Board of Nurse Examiners)
              Willmann, James (Texas Nurses Association)

HB 1794
    For:      Rummel, Leah (Texas Association of Health Plans)
              Sorrenson OD FAAO, Laurie (Self and Texas Optometric
    On:       Kloeris, Chris (Texas Optometry Board)

HB 1877
    For:      Turner, Bob (Texas Rural Health Assoc)
    On:       Tessen, Robert J. "Sam" (Office of Rural Community

HB 1952
    For:      Jefferson, David (Tarrant County Public Health Dept)
              Mendez, Mark (Tarrant County Commissioners Court)
    On:       Briseno, Elias (Texas Departmment of Health)

HB 1967
    For:      Blust, Kristie (Bexar County Commissioners Court)
              Evans, Leon (Center for Healthcare Services)
              Gonzales, Gilbert (CHCS-Center for Health Care Services)
              Lovelace, Joe (National Alliance for the Mentally Ill of
              Morin, Roger (Self and President Collins Garden
                   Neighborhood Association)
              Vela, Dan (Chief Dan Vela, Sheriff Lopez, Bexar County)
    On:       Hayes, Aaryce (Advocacy Inc, Mental Health Association
                   in Tx)
              Maples, Michael (TDMHMR)

HB 2185
    For:      Mendez, Mark (Tarrant County Commissioners Court)
    On:       Owens, Debra (Texas Department of Health)

HB 2208
    On:       Thomas, Katherine (Board of Nurse Examiners)

HB 2535
    For:      Gloria, Brenda Lee (Self and Roxanne Gloria, Rosalie

HB 2651
    For:      Headrick, Kelly (American Cancer Society)
    On:       Weiss Ph.D, Nancy (Texas Department of Health)

HB 3162
    For:      Douglas, Wanda (Texas Nurses Assoc)
              Ford, Charles (Self and Texas State Troopers Assn)
              Gonzales, Darrell (Self and Chester Navarre)
              Johnson, Helen (Self and State Firemen's & Fire Marshals
              Mason, Laura (Self and Tyler Profession Firefighters
              Parrish, Paul (IAFF)
              Tucker, I.J. (Self and Local 3034 Proffessional
                   Firefighters of Lufkin)