Public Education Committee
February 4, 2003-4:00P

HB 604
    For:      Allaway, Bill (Texas Taxpayers and Research Association)
              Cardle, Jim (Texas Citizen Action Network)
              Connolly, John (Texas School Coalition)
              Huddleston, Albert (Self)
              Mikus, Jerry (Self)
              Tull, Maria Martinez (Texas Hispanics Educating on Law
                   and Politics)
              Venable, Peggy (Texas Citizens for a Sound Economy)
              Watson, Forrest (Self)
    Against:  Colbert, Paul (El Paso Independent School District)
              Pena, Martin (South Texas Association of Schools)
              Pierce, Wayne (Equity Center)
    On:       Casey, Daniel (Fast Growth School Coalition)
              Douglass, Cathy (Texas Association of School Boards)
              Grusendorf, Bill (Texas Association of Rural Schools)
              Moak, Lynn (Texas School Alliance)
              Pumfrey, Ross (Texas Education Crisis Coalition)
              Raah, Ted Melina (Texas Federation of Teachers)

HB 604 Committee Substitute (Grusendorf)
              Thompson, David (Texas Association of School