Pensions & Investments Committee
(SUBCOMMITTEE ON Actuarial and Investment Standing)
August 3, 2004-2:00P

Actuarial & Investment Standing
    On:       Anderson, Gary (Tx. Municipal Retirement System)
              Brainard, Keith (National Assoc. of State Retirement
              Deiters, Kevin (Fire Fighters Pension Commission)
              Fuelberg, Ann (Employees Retirement System)
              Harrison, Tom (TX County & District Retirement System)
              Jung, Ronnie (Teacher Retirement System)
              Klausner, Robert (El Paso Fire & Police Pension Board of
              Kloehr, John (Dallas Employees Retirement Fund)
              Lawson, John (Houston Police Officers' Pension System)
              Long, David (Houston Municpal Employees Pension System)
              Mackesey, Rich (El Paso Fire Dept.)
              Meyers, Donny (Houston Fire Fighters Relief & Retirement
              Nail, William (Employees Retirement System)
              Patterson, Max (Houston Fire Fighters Relief &
                   Retirement Fund)
              Smith, Virginia (Pension Review Board)
              Tettamant, Richard (Dallas Pension)