Pensions & Investments Committee
March 31, 2003-8:00A

HB 752
    For:      Lawson, John (Houston Police Officers' Pension System)

HB 1840
    On:       Crawford, Denise (State Securities Board)

HB 2359
    For:      Miller, Ted (Retired State Employee Association, INC.)
    Against:  Travis, Charles (Self)
    On:       Homer, Andrew (Texas Public Employees Association)

HB 2445
    For:      Cabrera, Debbie (Irving ISD)
              Hoke, Tracy (Round Rock ISD)
    On:       Santiago, Gwendolyn (Texas Association of School
                   Business Officials)

HB 2526
    For:      Brown, Melvin (Montgomery County CSCD)
              Stott, Jim (Self)
              Swan, Steve (Self)
    On:       Nagy, Geraldine (Texas Department of Criminal Justice)

HB 2561
    For:      Higgins, Mike (Texas State Association of Firefighters)
    On:       Sandefer, Morris (Firefighter Pension Commissioner)

HB 2631
    For:      Clark, Romona (Texas Driver & Traffic Safety Education

HB 2753
    On:       Phillips, Tom (Self)
              Thomas, Linda (Self)