Local Government Ways and Means Committee
April 10, 2003-8:00A

HB 1223
    For:      Rhodes, Karen (City of Plano, Texas)
    On:       Petree, Richard (Texas Assn. of Appr. Dists.)

HB 1444
    For:      Blassingame, David (National Vehicle Leasing
              Davis, Chris B. (Self)
              Rogers, Rob (National Vehicle Leasing Assoc.)
              Thompson, Jerry (Self and National Vehicle Leasing
                   Association (NVLA))

HB 1533
    Against:  Dunkerly, Betty (City of Austin)
              Sandlin, Bennett (Texas Municipal League)
              Zion, Mark (Texas Public Power Association)

HB 1951
    For:      Burkett, Doyle A. (American Collectors Association of
              Chilson, John (JER Revenue Services, LLC)
              Hammond, Bill (TX Assoc of Business)
    Against:  Allen, Harvey (Self and McCreary, Veselka, Bragg &
                   Allen, P.C.)
              Burroughs, Mark (Self)
              Castro, Ernesto R. (Sylvia S. Romo, CPA RTA; Bexor
                   County Tax Assessor-Collector)
              DonCarlos, Stephen H. (Reid, Strickland & Gillette)
              Flowers, Lee (Self and Cherokee County Appraisal
              Garrett, RoVin (Self and Tax Assessor - Collectors Assn.
                   (President Elect))
              Gordon, Sydna (Gay, McCall, Isaacks, Gordon & Roberts,
              Grimes, Gary (Self)
              Helm, Ray (Self)
              Mott, Robert (Perdue, Brandon, Fielder, Collins & Mott)
              Smith, BJ (Self)

HB 1980
    For:      Jacobson, Trey (City of San Antonio Economic Development
              Moorhouse, Toni (City of San Antonio)
              Nitschke, Milo (City of San Antonio)

HB 2346
    For:      Birkman, Lisa (Self)
              Krause, Sherman (Self and Tax Assessor-Collectors
                   Association of Texas)
              Petree, Richard (Tex. Assn. of Appr. Dist.)

HB 2404
    Against:  Blitch, Bill (Association of Water Board Directors)
              DonCarlos, Stephen H. (Reid, Strickland, & Gillette)
              Flowers, Lee (Self and Cherokee CAD)
              Garrett, RoVin (Tax Assesor-Collectors Assn (President
              Gordon, Sydna (Gay, McCall, Isaacks, Gordon & Roberts,
              Grimes, Gary (Self)
              Mott, Robert (Perdue, Braton, Fislder, Collins & Mott)
              Parker, Tally (Parker & Marks P.C. - City of Irving)
              Smith, B.J. (Self)
    On:       Vinson, David P. (Self and National Association of
                   Royalty Owners - Texas)

HB 2961
    For:      Dromgoole, Charlie (Round Rock Chamber of Commerce)
              Pitt (Councilmember), Carrie (City of Round Rock)

HB 3075
    For:      Burnett, Wesley (Self and Odessa Chamber of Commerce,
                   City of Odessa)

HB 3075 Committee Substitute (Hegar)
              Stretcher, Keith (City of Midland)

HB 3291
    For:      Carroll, Bill (Self and Williamson County Appraisal

HB 3534
    For:      Dorman (Mayor), David E. (City of Melissa)

HJR 65
    Against:  Sandlin, Bennett (Texas Municipal League)

SB 1111
    For:      Hinojosa Jr., Noe (Estrada Hinojosa)
              Jones, Stehpen (Dallas Cowboys Football Club)
    Against:  Benson, Ken (Hotel Association of Greater Dallas)
              Joslove, Scott (Texas Hotel & Motel Association)
              Naboulsi, Frank (on behalf Greater Hotel Association of