Human Services Committee
October 14, 2004-10:00A

Interim Charge #6
    On:       Bell, Charles (Health and Human Services Commission)
              Block, Mary Ann (Self)
              Bresnen, Steve (Texas Society of Psychiatric Physicians)
              DeWitt, Lauren (Citizens Commission on Human Rights)
              Durham, Mary Ann (Citizens Commission on Human Rights)
              Flood, Brian (Health and Human Services Commission -
                   Office of the Inspector General)
              Foster, Mike (Caring Family Network, Texas Assoc of
                   Child Placing Agencies)
              Hawkins, Albert (Health and Human Services Commission)
              Keller, Dana (Self and Caseworker with DFPS)
              Kudisch, Alejandro (Self and Texas Society of
                   Psychiatric Physicians)
              LaVallo, Richard (Advocacy, Inc.)
              Lovelace, Joe (National Alliance for the Mentally Ill of
              Montgomery, Melissa (Self and Social Worker with DFPS)
              Muse, Nina (Health and Human Services Commission)
              Raimer, Ben (Self)
              Sanchez, Eduardo (Texas Department of State Health
              Sargent, John (Self and Baylor College of Medicine)
              Spiller, Lee (Citizens Commission on Human Rights)