Defense Affairs and State-Federal Relations Committee
(SUBCOMMITTEE ON Base Realignment and Closure)
April 19, 2004-1:00P

    On:       Goldsmith, Randy (San Antonio Technology Accelerator
              Jernigan, BGen (Ret) John (Executive Director - San
                   Antonio Military Missions)
              Rasmussen, Bob (Kelly USA)

Federal-Civilian Healthcare - SA
    On:       Rasco, Bill (Greater San Antonio Hospital Council)

House Senate BRAC hearing
    On:       Miller, Bruce E. (Greater Kelly Development Authority)

Internat'l Inst. for Human Perform
    On:       Sharon, Danny (Frontline Systems, Inc.)

Joint House/Senate BRAC hearing
    On:       Schubert, Carroll W. (City of San Antonio)

State Legislature / BRAC issues
    On:       Rumora, Thomas (Brooks Development Authority)

Texas Military Preparedness Comm.
  Registering, but not testifying:
    On:       Smith, Michael (Texas Military Preparedness Commission)

    On:       Duncan, York (Texas Research Park Foundation)

TMPC & Base Realignment and Closure
    On:       Alcala , Mayor Dora (Texas Military Planning Commission