Higher Education Committee
May 5, 2003-2:30P

HB 2468
    For:      Anderson, Betty (Self)
              Anderson, David R. (Self and Grace School of Theology
                   Greater Houston Bible Church Association)
              Brooks Sr, Dennis L. (Self and Interdenominational Assn
                   of Churches, Grace School of Theology, Institute
                   for Teaching God's Word)
              Gerstenschlager, Merry Lynn (Self and Texas Eagle Forum
                   - Legislative Liason)
              Kruppstadt, Esq., Thomas K. (Self and Gauntt &
                   Kruppstadt, L.L.P.)
              Oberholtzer, T. Kem (Self and Grace School of Theology)
              Yarger, Dr. William P. (Self and Grace School of
                   Theology Vice President)
    Against:  McDonald, Carol (Independent Colleges and Universities
                   of Texas, Inc.)
    On:       Brown, Dr. Don W. (Texas Higher Education Coordinating
                   Board (THECB))
              Laycock, Professor Douglas (Self)

HB 2977
    For:      Guzman, Ana M. "Cha" (TACHE, Texas Association of
                   Chicanos in Higher Education)
              Valdez, Jude (Texas Association of Chicanos in Higher
    On:       Flack, Teri E. (Texas Higher Education Coordinating
              Moller, Lesa (Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board)

HB 3331 Committee Substitute (Brown, Fred)
    Against:  Anderson, David (JPI)