Higher Education Committee
April 23, 2003-2:30P

HB 613
    Against:  Harris, Dwight (Texas Federation of Teachers)
              Hempstead, Chuck (Texas Association of College Teachers)
              Zucker, Dr. Charles (Texas Faculty Association)

HB 796
    On:       Flack, Teri E. (Texas Higher Education Coordinating

HB 838
    For:      Stevens, John (Texas Business and Education Coalition)

HB 1058
    For:      Mittelstet, Dr. Stephen K. (President Mittelstet
                   Richland College)
    On:       Castillo, Professor Darrell (Richland College of the
                   Dallas County Community College District)

HB 1746
    For:      Landry, Todd A. (Spaulding for Children)
    On:       Benham, Rose (Child Protective Services)

HB 2117
    For:      Zucker, Dr. Charles (Texas Faculty Association)

HB 2633
    On:       Flack, Teri E. (Texas Higher Education Coordinating

HB 2802
    For:      Gavras, John C. (Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council)
    On:       Blanck D.O., Ronald R. (UNT- Health Science Center)
              McQueen, Greg (UNT- Health Science Center)

HB 2862
    On:       Goldsmith, Clair W. (University of Texas System)
              Kennedy, Kerry (U.T. System Adminstration)

HB 3015
    For:      Zafereo, Mark (Self)
    Against:  de la Torre III, Pedro (Self)
              Dobbs, Andrew W. (Legislative Relations Agency)
              Eichenbaum, Marc (Student Body)
              Haley, Brian (UT Student Body)
              Hodgkin, Mark (Young Conservatives of Texas)
              Jiang, Wei (Self)
              Kinghorn, Austin (Young Conservatives of Texas)
              Majid, Slyman (Student Government - The University of
                   Texas at Austin)
              Nation, John (Self)
              Neumann, Zach (Student Body)
              Pravda, Bryan (College Republicans, University
                   Democrats, UT&A&M Young Conservatives of Texas,
                   Student Government)
              Pruett, John (Self)
              Reinlie, Lauren (Self)
              Schwellenbach, Nicholas (Self)
              Stolhandske, Matt (Self and Young Conservatives of
              Taylor, Will (Self)
              Van Zant, Austin (Self)
              Walden, Justin (Self)
              Wilder, Forrest (Self)
    On:       Ruth, Andrew (Comptroller's Ofc - Texas Tomorrow Fund)

HB 3262
    On:       Doblin, Steve (Lamar University)
              Martin, Gabriel A. (Tony) (Lamar University)
              Schultz, Russ (Lamar University)
              Simmons, James (Lamar University)

HB 3321
    On:       Moore, Richard S. (The University of Texas Medical

HB 3331
    For:      Cryan, Charles (Self and City of College Station)
              McDonald, Carol (Independent Colleges and Universities
                   of Texas, Inc)
              Ramsey, Dr. Curtis P. (Self and Texas School's Tax Base
                   Defense Coalition)
              Sims, Randy (Self and Brazos Co.)
              Woolfolk, Rick (Self and Denton Independent School
    Against:  Bul, Stewart (JPI)
              Moon, Thomas Allen (Texas Student Housing Corporation -
                   Denton Project)
              Smyth, Henry C. (Hank) (Texas Student Housing)