Higher Education Committee
April 9, 2003-12:00A

HB 1912
    On:       Wildenthal, MD, Kern (UT Southwestern Medical Center)

HB 1961
    For:      Doerr, Robert T. (Associated Student Government (The
                   Students) of Southwest Texas State University)
              Dominguez, Ernie R. (Self)
              Fischer, Justin (Associated Student Government of SWT)
              FitzPatrick, Shannon (Self)
              Graham, Carla (Self and SWT Bobcat Athletic Foundation &
                   The SWT Development Foundation)
              Jones II, Christopher (The Black Student Alliance and
                   the College of Liberal Arts)
              McDonald, Thomas J. (Self)
              McGarry, Justin (Associated Student Government Vice
                   President - Elect)
              Morris, Kyle V. (Self and Associated Student Government
                   of SWT)
    Against:  Friedeck, Scott (Self)
              McClung, Bryan (Self)

HB 2379
    For:      Benhalim, Rabea N. (The University of Texas at Dallas
                   Student Government Association)

HB 2447
    For:      Bost, Collin (American Civil Liberties Union of Texas)
              Harrell, Will (American Civil Liberties Union)

HB 2457
    On:       Garcia, Greg (Self)

HB 2522
    On:       Urbanovsky, Lamar (Texas State University System)

HB 2555
    For:      Harrell, Will (ACLU, NAACP, LULAC)
              Morgan, Haldun (Self)
              Morns, Courtney (Self)
              Pace, Katie (Self)

HB 2574
    For:      Garcia, Dr. Rey (Texas Assn of Community Colleges)

HB 2759
    On:       Mendelsohn, John (U.T. M.D. Anderson Cancer Center)

HB 2915
    For:      Bryan, Kathryn (North Texas Higher Education Authority)

HB 3350
    On:       Campbell, Grover (University of Houston Board of

HB 3351
    On:       Untermeyer, Chase (UT Health Science Center - Houston)

HB 3425
    On:       Maison, Hendrik (Self)
              McClelland, Charles (Self and Prairie View A&M
              Tempton, Willie A. (Self and Prairie View A&M University
                   Prairie View TX)

HB 3526
    On:       Calvert, Stanton C. (Tx A&M University System)
              Campbell, Grover (University of Houston Board of
              Sanders, Mike (Texas Tech Univ. System Texas Tech Univ.
                   Board of Regents)