Higher Education Committee
April 7, 2003-2:30P

HB 1363
    For:      Ho, Tina (Texas Instruments)
              Johnson, Rita (Self)
              McIntire, Jay (Texas Association for the Gifted and
              Novak, John E. (Texas Academy of Mathematics and
              Ondijo, Corlisa (Self)
              Smith, Adam Michael (Self)
              Thomas, Justin (Self)
              Williams, Whitney (Self)
              Wismer, Phillip (Texas Academy of Math & Science)
    On:       Sinclair, Richard J. (University of North Texas)

HB 1544
    For:      Benavidez, Jr., Manuel (South Texas Community College)
              Garcia, Dr. Rey (Texas Assn of Community Colleges)
              Hazelwood, Steve (Dow Chemical)
              Valek, Millicent (Tx Assoc of Community Colleges
                   Brazosport College)
    On:       Head, Steve (North Harris Montgomery Comm. College
              Jolly, Richard (Midland College)

HB 1817
    On:       Trauth, President, Denise (Southwest Texas State

HB 1887
    For:      Haley, Brian (UT Austin Student Body)
              Kowalski, Tom (Texas Healthcare and Bio Science
    On:       Natalicio, President, Diana (UTEP)

HB 1889
    For:      Chatelle, Melody (Texas Classroom Teachers Association
              Dovalina, Ramon H. (Self)
              Garcia, Dr. Rey (Texas Assn of Community Colleges)
              Strayhorn, Carole Keeton (Comptroller Ofc)
              Wenrich, J. William (Dallas County Community College
    On:       Cole, Jeffrey (Comptroller's Office)
              Lebas, James (Comptroller's Office)
              Segura, Bill (Texas Stae Technical Colleges)

HB 3015
    For:      Zafereo, Mark E. (Self)
    Against:  Banks, Joyce L. (Self and Elected Co-chair of the
                   Graduate Student Assembly)
              Buckley, Jordan (Self and University of Texas - Austin
                   Sutdent Government)
              Carlton, Kyle (Texas A&M Student Body)
              Dildy, Donald S. (Self and Texas Tech University Student
              Edbauer, Jennifer (Self)
              Fernheimer, Janice W. (Self)
              Goodman, Christopher (Self and Students of Texas Tech
              Haley, Brian (University of Texas at Austin Student
              Heinemeier, Christopher S. (Self)
              Hodgkin, Mark A. (Self)
              Interiano, Gerardo (Self)
              Jones, Margaret D. (Self)
              Kinghorn, Austin (Young Conservative of Texas)
              Majid, Slyman (Self)
              McGee, Connor (Self)
              Mohammed, Nayeem (Young Conservatives of Texas)
              Pravda, Bryan (Self)
              Price, Brazos (Self)
              Schwellenbach, Nicholas (Self and UT Watch)
              Selleck, Erin (The Young Conservatives of Texas at
              Ulrich, Melanie R. (Self)
              Van Zant, Austin (UT Watch)
              Watson, Mary Virginia (Self)
              Wilder, Forrest (Self)
    On:       Brown, Don (Tx Higher Education Coordinating Board)
              Hugetz, Edward T. (University of Houston)