Higher Education Committee
March 24, 2003-2:30P

HB 85
    On:       Dickey, M.D., Nancy W. (A&M University System Health
                   Science Center)
              Guckian, M.D., James (University of Texas System)

HB 796
    For:      Aguero, Robert (Dallas County Community College
              Ellis, Cissy (Career Colleges & Schools of Texas)
              Hodges, Patricia (Self)
    Against:  Gorth, Dr. William (National Evaluation Systems, Inc.)
              Hempstead, Chuck (Texas Association of College Teachers)
              Leonard, Mary (Self)
              Martinez, Dorothy (Self)
              Noack, Sibyl (Self)
              Quereau, Tobin (Self)
              Segura, Dolores (Self)
    On:       Flack, Teri (Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board)
              Gooden, Dr. Cherry Ross (Texas Southern University)
              Thomas, Dr. Gayla B. (Texas Southern University)

HB 882
    For:      Bosworth, Erin (Stephen F. Austin State University S.G.)
    On:       Westbrook, Steve (Stephen F. Austin University)

HB 944
    For:      Freeman, Dr. James A. (St. Thomas' Episcopal School,
                   Houston Texas)
              Lambert, Tim (Texas Home School Coalition)