Higher Education Committee
March 17, 2003-2:30P

HB 55
    For:      Hilton, Torie (Texas Association Against Sexual Assault)
    On:       Bost, Jane (Counseling and Mental Health Center,
                   University of Texas)
              McMahan, Terry (U.T. Police, University of Texas at

HB 1566
    For:      Carlow, James (Bowie County Northeast Texas Committee
                   for Higher Education)
              Finn, Shirley (Self)
    Against:  Miller, Edward (Self)
              Phillips, Cecil (Self)
              Smith, C. Jack (Trustee of Texarkana Community College
                   and Self)

HB 1649
    For:      Banks, Brandi (Self)
              Lamas, Maria (Self)
    On:       Hickey, Lynn (UTSA Athletic Department)

HB 1650
    For:      Gutierrez, Andrew (Self)
              Killen, Melissa (Student Government Association of UTSA)