Government Reform Committee
July 7, 2003-9:00A

HB 53
    On:       Shorter, III, Coby (Office of the Governor)

HB 54
    Against:  Mitchell, Kathy (Consumers Union)
              Whalen, Ken (TX Daily Newspaper Ass. & TX Press Ass.)
    On:       Roberts, Wayne (Office of the Governor)

HB 57
    On:       Gilman, Tony (Ed Perez, Executive Director, Texas Office
                   of State-Federal Relations)
              Roberts, Wayne (Office of the Governor)

HB 58
    On:       Adams, Greg (State Auditor's Office)
              Ray, Jim (Texas Association of Regional Councils)

HB 64
    For:      Thompson, Jay (Prudential Ins. Co.)
    On:       Biles, Susan (Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts)