Government Reform Committee
April 22, 2003-8:00A

HB 2390
    For:      Bent, Steve (TXANS)
              Clark, Jeffrey (National Federation of Independent
                   Business-Texas (NFIB))
              Sullivan, Thomas M. "Tom" (Chief Counsel for Advocacy,
                   US Small Business Administration)

HB 2933
    For:      Bledsoe, Gary L. (Texas State Conference of NAACP
              Hale, Bill (Bill Hale & Associates)
              Morrison, Marilou (Self)
              Yanez-Correa, Ana (Texas LULAC)
    Against:  Knepp, Christopher (Texas Employment Law Council)
    On:       Covington, Vickie (Texas Commission on Human Rights)
              Lane, Rhonda M. (Tx. Commission on Human Rights)
              Powell, J.D. (Dave) (Texas Commission on Human Rights)
              Ross, Pam (State Auditor's Ofc)
              Skiles, Glenn (TX Commission on Human Rights)

HB 3208
    For:      Homer, Andrew (Texas Public Employees Association)
    On:       Biles, Susan (Texas State Comptroller)

HB 3499
    On:       Johnson, Edward (TX Building & Procurement Commission)