Government Reform Committee
April 10, 2003-12:00A

HB 3002
    Against:  Garrett, Rovin (Tax Assessor Collectors Assn)
              Morphew, Cindy (Texas Oil and Gas Assn.)
    On:       Bass, James (TX. Dept. of Transportation)
              Biles, Susan (Texas Comptroller)
              Hendricks, Cathy L. (Texas Board of Architectural
              Josselet, Ron (State Office of Risk Management)
              Richardson, Herbert (Texas Transportation Institute)

HB 3006
    For:      Speight, Susan (Self)
    On:       Allen, Ron (Health Professions Council)
              Counihan, Will (Tx. Comptroller of Public Accounts)
              Horton, Charles (Health Professions Council)
              McFarland, Jane (Tx State Bd. of Medical Examiners)

HB 3007
    On:       Anderson, Gary (Texas Public Employees Assn.)
              Biles, Susan (Texas Comptroller)
              Saenz, Amadeo (Tx. Dept. of Transportation)
              Williams, Cathy J. (TX. Dept. of Transportation)
              Winters, Clint (Comptroller Public Accounts)

HB 3261
    Against:  Kearns, Dennis (Burlington Northern San Fe Railway)
              Olson, Ron M. (Union Pacific RR)
    On:       English, Jr., Connie (United Transportation Union)

HJR 76
    On:       McLaughlin, Laure (Comptroller of Public Accounts)