Government Reform Committee
April 9, 2003-8:00A

HB 2036
    For:      Jennings, Don (City of Perryton; and Region 2 Govt.
                   Finance Officers Assoc of TX)
              Sledge, Brian L. (Texas Chapter, Solid Waste Association
                   of North America)

HB 2067
    On:       Dennis, David M. (Comptroller's of Public Accounts)
              Purcell, Carolyn (Dept of Info Resources)

HB 2758
    For:      Coe, James R. (Trees Inc)
              Talamantez, Ben (Self)
              Wickersham, Jr., Theodore (Tod) S. (Biofriendly
                   Corporation & Emissions Technology of Texas)
              Wood, Jack (Self)
    On:       Zatopek, Larry (Texas Dept. of Transportation)

HB 3005
    Against:  Weisman, Johnny (AGC of Texas)
    On:       Boswell, Elizabeth (TX Dept. of Transportation)
              Garcia, Joe A. (Greater Houston Transportation Co.)
              Harris, Rand (Comptroller's Office)
              Homer, Andrew (Texas Public Employees Association)
              Williams, Cathy J. (TX Dept. of Transportation)
              Winters, Clint (Comptroller Public Accts)

HB 3074
    For:      Bilski, Carolyn (Tx Assoc of Regional Councils, Houston
                   Galveston Area Council, Austin County)
              Heath, Patrick (Texas Association of Regional Councils,
                   Alamo Area COG)
              Pitner, Gary (Panhandle Regional Planning Commissioin)
              Voights, Betty (Capital Area Planning Council (CAPCO))
    On:       Ray, Jim (Texas Association of Regional Councils)

HB 3235
    On:       Yazdani, Bahman (Energy Systems Laboratory, Texas)