Government Reform Committee
February 24, 2003-8:30A

Higher Education Briefing
    On:       Brown, Don (Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board)
              Graves, Howard (Tx A&M University System)
              Guerrero, III, Tito (Stephen F. Austin State University)
              Hugetz, Edward (University of Houston)
              Jackson, Lee (UNT System)
              Lansdowne, Linda (Texas State Auditor's Office)
              Rogers, Jesse (Midwestern State Univ.)
              Rudley, John (The University of Houston)
              Slade, Priscilla (Texas Southern University)
              Smith, David (Texas Tech Univ System)
              Thomas, Gayla (Texas Southern University)
              Urbanovsky, Lamar (Texas State University System)
              Vickers, Kenneth (Texas Higher Education Coordinating
              Wallace, Randy (University of Texas System)
              Yudof, Mark (University of Texas System)