Government Reform Committee
February 20, 2003-8:30A

Agency Briefing
    On:       Bodisch, Robert (Texas Commission on Law Enforcement)
              Burnett, Dale (Structural Pest Control Board)
              Craig, George (T.C.P.S.)
              Dozier, Jim (Commission on Law Enforcement)
              Ellinger, Steve (Tx. Bd. of Architectural Examiners)
              Flowerday, Paula (Texas Racing Commission)
              Grumbles, Cliff (Texas Commission on Private Security)
              Hassumani, Sabrina (Texas Real Estate Commission)
              Hendricks, Cathy (Tx. Bd. of Architectural Examiners)
              Henricks, Michele (Court Reporters Certification Board)
              Houston, Vincent (Texas Commission on Jail Standards)
              Hsu, Victoria (Texas Board of Professional Engineers)
              Julian, Terry (Texas Commission on Jail Standards)
              Kuntz, William (Texas Board of Professional
              Liner, Renil (Texas Appraiser Licensing and
                   Certification Board)
              Looke, Bill (Texas Aerospace Commission)
              Mangum, James (Texas Military Facilities Commission)
              Maxwell, Robert (Texas State Board of Plumbing
              McDonald, Kim (Texas State Auditor's Office)
              Miller, Edward (Texas Board of Professional
              Morrison, Lee (Structural Pest Control Board)
              Munoz, Ana (Texas Commission on Fire Protection)
              Samulin, Michael (Commission on Private Security)
              Smith, Brenda (Texas Board of Professional Engineers)
              Smith, Sandy (Texas Board of Professional Land
              Soteriou, Jake (Texas Commission on Fire Protection)
              Taylor, Shelia (State Office of Administrative Hearings)
              Thorburn, Wayne (Texas Real Estate Commission)
              VanderWal, Calvin (Texas Commission on Private Security)
              Warren, Gary (Texas Commission Fire Protection)
              Wells, John (Texas Military Facilities Commission)