Government Reform Committee
February 18, 2003-8:30A

Article VIII Agencies
    On:       Crawford, Denise (State Securities Board)
              Feeney, Harold (Credit Union Department)
              Francis, Brian (TDLR)
              Ikard, Kathy (Bearing Point (Texas Online))
              James, Randall (Texas Dept. of Banking)
              Kuntz, William (Texas Dept. of Lic. & Reg.)
              Lanier, Dustin (Governor's Office)
              Miglicco, Gary (Bearing Point-Texas Online)
              Montoya, David (Board of Tax Professional Examiners)
              Pettijohn, Leslie (Consumer Credit Commissioner)
              Pledger, Jim (Texas Savings & Loan Department)
              Treacy, William (Texas State Board Public Accountancy)