Energy Resources Committee
September 28, 2004-9:00A

Interim Charge #2
    For:      Foltz, Tommy (Greenfield Compression Technology)
              Freeman, Charles (Texas Renewable Energy Industries
              Hadden, Karen (SEED Coalition)
              Morris, Gregory (Hydrogen LLC and Cullen Engineering
                   Research Foundation)
              Smith, Tom (Public Citizen)
              Weeks, Brian (Gas Technology Institute)
    On:       Alford, Larry (Austin Energy)
              Bolfing, Sidney (Texas State Technical College)
              Earle, George (Plug Power Inc.)
              Eminger, Randy (Center for Energy & Economic
              Fainter, Jr., John (Association of Electric Companies of
                   Texas, Inc.)
              Gwin, Ray (AMH Corporation)
              Hartmann, Steve (University of Texas System)
              Martinez, Adam (Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson)
              Matthews, Charles (Railroad Commission of Texas)
              Osborne, Michael (Self)
              Sloan, Mike (The Wind Coalition)
              Smitherman, Barry (Public Utility Commission)
              Stansell, Wade (Clean Coal Technology Foundation of
              Trucksess, Jeffrey (Fuel Cells Texas)
              Wood, Robert (Texas Department of Agriculture)