Energy Resources Committee
March 24, 2004-9:00A

Bonding-Interim Charge
    On:       Sebree, Ben (Texas Oil and Gas Association)

Interim Charge #3
    For:      Bateman, James (Self)
    On:       Fleming, Martin (Texas Independent Producers and Royalty
                   Owners Association)
              Kreuz, Jim (Western National Bank)
              Matthews, Charles (Railroad Commission of Texas)
              McClure, Donny (McClure Oil Company, Committee of Texas
              Montemayor, Jose (Texas Department of Insurance)
              Neeley, Karen (Independent Bankers Association of Texas)
              Stevens, Bill (Texas Alliance of Energy Producers)
              Varela, Rich (Railroad Commission of Texas)
              Williams, Michael (Railroad Commission of Texas)
  Registering, but not testifying:
    On:       Beveridge, Douglas (Texas Land and Mineral Owner's
              Purdon, Kurt (Texas Department of Banking)

Well Plugging Insurance
    For:      Scott, Oscar (Jeff S. Willard, Frank P. Wingate, Michael
                   S. Carmody, David G. Brawley)