Energy Resources Committee
March 27, 2003-8:00A

HB 1594
    For:      DeYoung, Kathy (Copano Energy and Texas Intrastate
                   Natural Gas Pipeline Association)
              Harwell, Tom (Koch Pipeline Company)
              Sebree, Ben (Texas Oil and Gas Association)
  Registering, but not testifying:
    For:      Allday, Marty (Enbridge Energy)
              Nugent, Patrick (Texas Pipeline Association)
              Olson, Kym (El Paso Corporation)
              Woodard, Shayne (Duke Energy)
              Woodard, Shayne (Sunoco, Inc.)

HB 1616
    For:      Bolfing, Sidney G. (Texas State Technical College)
              Jacobson, Malcolm (Fuel Cells Texas)
              King, Robert J. (Fuel Cells Texas)
              Smothers, W. C. "Dub" (Textile Maintenance Association
                   of Texas (TMAT)
    On:       Taylor, Dub (State Energy Conservation Office)
  Registering, but not testifying:
    For:      Vanston, John (Self)

HB 2021
    On:       Matthews, Commissioner Charles R. (Texas Railroad
  Registering, but not testifying:
    On:       Johnson, Boyd (Texas Railroad Commission)