Criminal Jurisprudence Committee
March 25, 2003-2:00P

HB 343
    For:      Atwood, Dave (Texas Coalition to Abolish Death Penalty)
              Boyette, Mike (Self)
              Connally, Peggy (Self)
              Dieter, Alison (Self and Texas Moratorium Network)
              Edwards, Frank (Self and Campaign to End the Death
              Moorhead, Bee (Texas Impact)
              Popp, Jeanette (Self)
              Riebschlaeger, Sister Elizabeth (Sisters of Charity of
                   the Incarnate Word, Peace and Justice Committee)
              Scott, Jeannine (Self)
              Vaught, William (Self)

HB 351
    For:      Brown, Joyce Ann (Self)
              Dufour, Deacon Doots (Diocese of Austin)

HB 360
    For:      Brown, Joyce Ann (Self)

HB 366
    For:      Pickett, Rev. Carroll (Self)
              Vaught, William (Self)

HB 380
    For:      Brown, Joyce Ann (Self)

HB 590
    Against:  Rolater, John (Bill Hill, Dallas County District