Criminal Jurisprudence Committee
March 4, 2003-2:00P

HB 103
    For:      Lewis, Bill (Mothers Against Drunk Driving)

HB 127
    For:      Amico, Nicole (Self)
              Bazan, Kim (Texas Network of Youth Services)
              Birchah, Frank (American Bar Association)
              Budde, Barbara (Austin Catholic Diocese)
              Clark, Deborah (Juvenile Death Penalty Initiative)
              Cotera, Martha (Self)
              Gifford, Edwin (Self)
              Gifford, Mary (Self)
              Heagerty, Toni (Education Austin/NEA/TSTA/AFT/TFT)
              Lindsey, Michael (Self and Nestor Consultants, Inc.)
              Lutz, Gail (Southwest Regional Juvenile Defender Center)
              Moorhead, Bee (Texas Impact)
              Ratner, Steven (Self)
              Snead, W. Louis (Mission Presbytery of the Presbyterian
                   Church (USA))
              Steiker, Jordan (Self)
    Against:  Hubbarth, Rusty (Self and Justice For All Alliance)
              Rolater, John (Bill Hill, Dallas County Criminal
                   District Attorney)
              Smyth, Don (Self and Harris County District Attorneys
              Weeks, David (Self)

HB 615
    For:      Hampton, Keith (Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers

HB 618
    For:      Hampton, Keith (Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers
    Against:  Bradley, John (Self)

HB 1048
    For:      Paynter, Susan (Christian Life Commission/ Baptist
                   General Convention of Texas)
              Trevino, Gloria (Self)