County Affairs Committee
June 2, 2004-1:00P

Interim Charge 3
    For:      Allison, Jim (County Judges and Comissioner Assoc. of
              Appel, Herbert (The Greater Fort Bend Economic
                   Development Council)
              Lopez, Lionel (So. Tex. Colonia Initive)
              McDonald, Ronnie (Bastrop County)
              Millikin, Jay (Comal County)
              Oakley, James (Burnet County)
              Ortiz, Oscar (Nueces County)
              Rodriguez, Laury (Self)
              Vasquez, Elias (Nueces County)
    Against:  Tibbs, Albert (Self and Nehemiah Initiative Coalition)
    On:       Biscoe, Samuel (Travis County)
              Boethel, Carey (Texas Association of Counties)
              Cabello, Homero (TX. Dept. of Housing & Community
              Dahill, John (Conference of Urban Counties)
              Dyer, Jay (Texas Assoc. of Builders)
              Franco, Tony (TCEQ)
              Hebert, Robert (Fort Bend County)
              Loucks, Don (Bastrop County)
              Riddell, Joe (Office of the Attorney General)
              Sesin, Raul (Hidalgo County)
              Steinberg, Johnathan (TWDP)

Interim Charge 5
    For:      Allison, Jim (County Judges and Commissioners Assoc. of
              Harris, Jack (Brazoria County)
              Millikin, Jay (Comal County)