Corrections Committee
(SUBCOMMITTEE ON Targeted Contracting)
March 16, 2004-10:00A

Targeted Contracting
    For:      Davis, Frank (Civigenics)
              Edelstein, Robert (Icon Systems, Inc.)
              Emerson, Carl "Sonny" (TASC/Omni-View)
              Lininger, John (JLL, LLC and Clients)
              Pinkert, Michael (MHM Correctional Services)
    Against:  Gosselin, Sathya (ACLU of Texas)
    On:       Coughlan, James (UPS Professional Services, Inc.)
              Eismann, Keith (MCI Telecommunications Corp. Inc.)
              Moore, Michael (Self)
              Viterbi, Alan (Liquid Environmental Solutions of Texas)
              White, John (The Next Step, Inc. and Protocol, Inc.)