Corrections Committee
April 15, 2003-7:00A

HB 1669
    For:      Corbett, Uneeda (Corrections Corporation of America)
              Hightower, Elvis (Correction Corporation of America)
              Shanblum, Laurie (Corrections Corporation of America)
              Silvas Underwood, Jerry (Corrections Corporation of
    Against:  Banks, Gum Song (Self)
              Greene, Judith (Self)
              Miller, Ed (Self)
    On:       Fabelo, Tony (Criminal Justice Policy Council)
              Gilbert, John (Private Facilities Division - TDCJ)
              Ivie, Julie (State Auditor's Office)
              Livingston, Brad (Texas Department of Criminal Justice)
              Parr, Bill (LBB)
              Sapp, Jr., Allen (Correctional Managed Health Care
              Winters, Clint (Comptroller Public Accts)
  Registering, but not testifying:
    For:      Garner, Jack (Corrections Corp of America)
              Houston, Don (Wackenhut Corrections Corp. (WCC))
              Killinger, George (Cornell Companies)
              McWilliams, Dean (CiviGenics)
              Place, Allen (Management and Training Corporation)
    Against:  del Llano, Ann (ACLU of Texas)
              Anderson, Ashley (Self)
              De Luca, Stuart (TIFA, Inc.)
              Jackson, Suchandra (Self)
              Martin, Daniel (Self)
              Martin, Kimberly (Self)
              McCoy, Jr., Donald (AFSCME Local 3806)
              McDowell, Robert (Self)
              Meeks, Aundetria (Self)
              Merrell, Sam (Self)
              Pacha, Bryan (Self)
              Pierce, Kimberly (Travis County Commissioners Court)
              Simpson, Dee (American Federation of State County and
                   Mun. Employees)
              Tobias, Toby (AFSCME)
    On:       Quarterman, Nathaniel (TDCJ (State Jail Division))

HB 1669 Committee Substitute (CSHB 1669)
    Against:  Deitch, Michelle (Self)
              Martin Rountree, Merredith (ACLU of TX)