Construction-Related Workers' Comp, Select Committee
August 24, 2004-10:00A

Interim Charges 1 & 2
    On:       Aitken, Darlene (Self)
              Bell, Keith (Self and Inter Electric Contractors, Inc.)
              Chiavone, Jr., Joe (Self)
              Choate, Guy (Self and Texas Trial Lawyers Assoc.)
              Cole, Keith (Self and TX Construction Association)
              Colvin, Keith (Self and Texas Construction Assoc.)
              Fretz, Jr., Bob (Associated General Contractors - Texas
                   Building Branch)
              Korsakov, Allan (Self)
              Levy, Rick (TX AFL-CIO)
              Nelson, Steve (Associated General Contractors - TX
                   Building Branch)
              Saxon, Lucinda (Texas Association of Business)
              Schieffer, Tracy (Self and A.L. Helmcamp, Inc.)
              Swan, Tim (Metropolitan Contracting Co., Ltd.)
              Wagner, Jo (Self)