Civil Practices Committee
April 23, 2003-2:00P

HB 1355
    For:      Burt, Stephanie (Self)
              Hilton, Victoria (Texas Association Against Sexual

HB 1359
    For:      Espinosa, Sandra (Self)
    Against:  Boulette, Jason (Texas Employment Law Council)
    On:       Edmonds, Mr. Shannon (Texas District & County Attorneys

HB 1907
    For:      Burt, Stephanie (Self)
              Espinosa, Sandra (Self)

HB 2267
    For:      Blackwell, Tom (Self)

HB 2841
    For:      Lyons, Jim (Texas Ambulance Association)
              Sprinkle, G. K. (Texas Ambulance Association)
    Against:  Harvey, Jay (Self and Texas Trial Lawyers)

HB 2843
    For:      Davis, James (Texans for Lawsuit Reform)
              Hoagland, Ken (Texans for Lawsuit Reform)
    Against:  Choate, Guy (Texas Trial Lawyers Assoc.)

HB 2920
    For:      Moss, Ron (Texans for Lawsuit Reform)
    Against:  James, Reggie (Consumers Union S. W. Regional Office)
    On:       Barton, Andrew (American Arbitration Association)

HB 3201
    For:      Cole, Keith H. (M&I Electric Industries, Inc.)
              Dauber, Art (M&I Electric Industries, Inc.)
              Marshall, Doug (Wyatt Field Service Company)
    Against:  Sebree, Ben (Texas Oil & Gas Association)

HB 3248
    For:      Lenz, Carole (Harris County Commissioner Steve Radack)
              Nachtigall, George A. (Harris County, Texas - Assistant
                   County Atty)

HB 3439
    Against:  Harvey, Jay (Self and Texas Trial Lawyers)