Civil Practices Committee
April 9, 2003-2:00P

HB 791
    For:      Collins, Samuel B. (Self)
    Against:  Lacey, Cecil (Self)

HB 1312
    Against:  McLarty, Mary Alice (Texas Trial Lawyers)

HB 1699
    For:      Price, Bob (Self and Price Construction, LTD)
              Schieffer, Tracy (A.L. Helmcamp, Inc.)
              Weisman, Johnny (AGC of Texas)
    Against:  Witherite, Amy K. (Texas Trial Lawyers)

HB 1741
    For:      Keeney, Rick (Self and Professional Civil Process)
              Ray, Allen (Texas Process Servers Ass'n)
              Russell, Lee H. (Self and Texas Process Servers
              Waynick, Edward (Self and Texas Process Servers
              Weeks, Carl (Self and Texas Process Servers Assn)
    Against:  Elfant, Bruce (Justice of the Peace and Constables
                   Association of Texas)
              Griffin, Gary (Self)
              Gutierrez, Bobby (Self)
              McMichael, Dana (Assured Civil Process Agency)
              Pendergrass, Tod E. (Self)
    On:       Griesel, Chris (Supreme Court of Texas, Rules Attorney)
              Kuntz, Jr., William H. (Texas Department of Licensing &

HB 1898
    For:      Chapman, Jeff (Self)
              Crawford, R. C. (Self and The Construction Industry
              Guerrero-McDonald, Mary (Self)
              Nelson, Steve (Self and Associated General Contractors -
                   Texas Building Branch)
    Against:  Clark, Todd A. (Travis County)
              Thomas, Sherine E. (Travis County)

HB 2620
    Against:  Witherite, Amy K. (Texas Trial Lawyers)

HB 2949
    Against:  Hahn, Christopher H. (Texas Employment Law Council)
              Madole, Luke (Self)
    On:       James, Reggie (Consumers Union)

SB 313
    For:      Bragg, David (AARP)