Civil Practices Committee
April 2, 2003-2:00P

HB 75
    For:      Marshall, Cleophus (Bexar County District Attorney's

HB 335
    For:      Hammerlein, George (Paul Bettencourt - Harris County Tax
              Hickman, Constable Ron (Self)

HB 378
    Against:  Sandlin, Bennett (Texas Municipal League)

HB 408
    For:      Howe, Billy (Texas Farm Bureau)
    Against:  Pope, Bryan (Self and Texas Trial Lawyers Assoc.)

HB 685
    For:      Martin, Kenneth (Texas Chemical Council)

HB 705
    For:      Mintz, David (Texas Apartment Association)
    Against:  Wright, Larry (Self and Texas Trial Lawyers Assn.)
    On:       Findeisen, Les (Texas Motor Transportation Association)

HB 1240
    For:      Christian, George Scott (Texas Civil Justice League)
              Crump, David (Self and Crown Cork & Seal Co., Inc.)
              Page, Harvey (REF-CHEM, LP)
    Against:  Blevins, Jr., Bryan O. (Self and Asbestos Victims -
                   Malignant & Nonmalignant, who are clients)
              Cloud, Ian P. (Self)
              Holstein, MD, Edwin C. (Self)
              Levy, Rick (Tx AFL-CIO)
              Link, Scott (Self)
    On:       Craymer, Dale K. (Self and Texas Civil Justice League)
              Opelt, Jon (Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse)

HB 2182
    For:      Teas, Andrew (Houston Apartment Association, Inc.)

HB 2538
    For:      Francois, Lulu (Culebra Park Neighborhood Association)
              Torbert, Jill (District Attorney Office - Bexar County)

HB 2813
    For:      Casto, Larry (City of Dallas)

SB 513
    For:      Martin, Kenneth (Texas Chemical Council)