Civil Practices Committee
February 26, 2003-2:00P

HB 4
    For:      Blaylock, Lee (Self)
              Borden, Bill (Self)
              Carlton, Jr., George R. (Self)
              Christian, George Scott (Texas Civil Justice League)
              Evans, Richard (Texas Assoc. of Business)
              Griffiths, Evan J. (Westdale Asset Management, Ltd.)
              Perryman, Ray (Self and Texans for Lawsuit Reform)
              Ratliff, Shannon (Self)
              Scott, Mike (Self)
              Trabulsi, Jr., Richard J. (Texans for Lawsuit Reform)
              Waldrop, Alan (Texans for Lawsuit Reform)
    Against:  Bresnen, Steve (Texas Trial Lawyers Association)
              Caldwell, Wade (Self and Texas Trial Lawyers
              Edwards, Billy (Self)
              Fibich, Kenneth T. (Texas Trial Lawyers Association)
              Haire, Jim (Self)
              Kelly, Peter M. (Self)
              Korioth, Tony (Texas Municipal League Intergovernmental
                   Risk Pool)
              Moran, Yvonne (Self)
              Siegel, Charles S. (Texas Trial Lawyers Association)
              Sweeney, Paula (Texas Trial Lawyers Association)
    On:       Akers, Brock (Self)

HB 19
    For:      Miller, Dan (Self and Dan Miller Insurance Agency)
              Richter, Kris (Self and Kris Richter Insurance Agency,
              Royer, Mark (Farmers Insurance Group of Companies)
    Against:  Hebert, Nancy Johnson (Texas Trial Lawyers Association)
              Lambe, Dan (Texas Watch)
              Schneider, Rob (Consumers Union)