Border and International Affairs Committee
August 19, 2004-9:00A

Cross-border trucking
    Against:  Bunker, Phil (Teamster Local 657)
              Vela, Juan R. (Teamsters Local 657)

Interim Charge 3
    On:       Gonzales, Hector F. (City of Laredo)
              Keene, Gladys (Self)
              Woodward, Lowell (Gateway Community Health Center Inc.)

Interim Charge 7
    On:       Adams, John (Laredo Development Foundation)
              Andrade, Esperanza "Hope" (Texas Transportation
              Casso, Alfonso (Secretary of State)
              Dovalina, Larry (City of Laredo)
              Findeisen, Les (Texas Motor Transportation Association)
              Flores, Elizabeth G. (City of Laredo)
              Gonzalez, Juan (Mayor Dora Alcala, City of Del Rio)
              Gonzalez, Rene (City of Laredo)
              Kimbrough, Jay (Office of the Governor)
              Redwine, Augustin (Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts)
              Rogers, Mark (Texas Department of Public Safety)
              Saenz, Amadeo (Texas Department of Transportation)
              Stockton, Bill (Texas Transportation Institute)
              Verduzco, Jorge (I-69 Texas Alliance)
              Villareal Lozano, Regino Alberto (FIDENOR)

    Against:  Schwebel, Gerry (Alliance for Security and Trade)