Border and International Affairs Committee
March 6, 2003-12:00A

Adult Education
    On:       Lindsey, Paul (Texas Education Agency)
              Rosenberg, Sheila (Texas Education Agency)

Bilinugal Ed., Dropout Prevention
    On:       Cruz, Paul (Texas Education Agency)

HHSC Background Info.
    On:       Garcia, Olga (Health and Human Services Commission)
              Luna, David (Health and Human Services Commission)

MALDEF Lawsuit
    On:       Sanchez, Joe (Mexican American Legal Defense and
                   Education Fund)

South Texas/Border Higher Ed.
    On:       Flack, Teri (Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board)

Texas Department of Health
    On:       Dutton, R.J. (Texas Department of Health)
              Sanchez, Eduardo (Texas Department of Health)

Texas Workforce Commission
    On:       Rath, Diane (Texas Workforce Commission)

    On:       Jameson, Arlen D. (Telecommunications Infrastructure
                   Fund Board)