Border and International Affairs Committee
March 5, 2003-8:00A

Border Cities
    On:       Dovalina, Larry (City of Laredo)
              Flores, Elizabeth (City of Laredo)

Border Issues
    On:       Redwine, Augustin (Comptroller of Public Accounts)
              Solis, Eddie (Comptroller of Public Accounts)

Federal Funds to Border Region
    On:       Dube, Gerald (Legislative Budget Board)
              Eckstein, Kathy (Legislative Budget Board)

Homeland Security
    On:       Gilman, Tony (Office of State-Federal Relations)
              Kimbrough, Jay (Governor's Homeland Security

Rural Border Issues
    On:       Tessen, Robt. J "Sam" (Office of Rural Community

Texas Department of Agriculture
    On:       Combs, Susan (Texas Department of Agriculture)

TBIC Agenda
    On:       Alcala, Dora (Texas Border Infrastructure Coalition)
              Garcia, Louis (Texas Border Infrastructure Coalition)
              Garza, Wanda (Texas Border Infrastructure Coalition)
              Pena, Martin (Texas Border Infrastructure Coalition,
                   South Texas Association of Schools)
              Rodriguez, Jose (Texas Border Infrastructure Coalition)