Appropriations-S/C on General Government Committee
February 17, 2003-8:00A

    On:       Bow, Jonathan D. (State Office of Risk Management)
              Buie, Jim (Bond Review Board)
              Cargile, Stuart B. (State Office of Risk Management)
              Clayton, Bill (Aircraft Pooling Board)
              Daniels, Jerry (Aircraft Pooling Board)
              Edwards, Kimberly K. (Public Finance Authority)
              Esquivel, Eddie (Department of Information Resources)
              Johnson, Edward L. (Building and Procurement Commission)
              Josselet, Ron (State Office of Risk Management)
              Kelly, David (Public Finance Authority)
              Pace, Tom (State Office of Risk Management)
              Purcell, Carolyn (Department of Information Resources)
              Reed, Cindy (Building and Procurement Commission)
              Riley, Randall H. (Building and Procurement Commission)
              Roberts, Wayne R. (Bond Review Board)