Appropriations-S/C on General Government Committee
February 14, 2003-8:00A

    For:      Gardner, Glen (Texas Coalition of Veterans
                   Organizations; Texas Veterans of Foreign War)
              Goodman, Ed (DeWitt County Historical Commission)
              Ledbetter, Peggy (Self and DeWitt County)
              Lilley, Virgil E. (Self and Lampasas County)
              Meraz, Gloria (Texas Library Association)
              Ricklefs, Dale L. (Self)
              Todaro, Julie (Self)
              Walker, Sr., Roger D. (Veterans County Service Officer
                   Association of Texas)
    On:       Barnhill, Jane (Historical Commission)
              Bryan, J.P. (Historical Commission)
              Buerschingor, Charlie (Veterans Commission)
              Caldwell, Shirley W. (Historical Commission)
              Calem, William (Texas Ethics Commission)
              Chauveaux, Tony (Commission on the Arts)
              Crawford, Rick (Preservation Board)
              Duncan, Jim (Veterans Commission)
              Hernandez, Ricardo (Commission on the Arts)
              Lundquist, Karen (Texas Ethics Commission)
              Nau, John L. (Historical Commission)
              Nier, James E. (Veterans Commission)
              Oaks, Larry (Historical Commission)
              Pickett, Sandra (Library and Archives Commission)
              Ragland, Brian (Preservation Board)
              Rudd, Peggy D. (Library and Archives Commission)
              Seidenberg, Edward (Library and Archives Commission)
              Smith, Virginia "Ginger" (Pension Review Board)