Appropriations Committee
March 30, 2003-1:00P

    For:      Bower, Bruce P. (Texas Senior Advocacy Coalition)
              Hyatt, Deborah (Texas Federation of Families for
                   Children's Mental Health)
              Thomas, Janet (Self)
              Yoder, MD, Eric M. (AMERIGROUP, Texas, Inc.)
    Against:  Abshier, Steve (Self)
              Acosta, Fernando (Self)
              Bradberry, Anita (Texas Association for Home Care)
              Bresette, Patrick (Center for Public Policy Priorities)
              Briones, Dolores (El Paso County)
              Budde, Barbara A. (Catholic Charities of Central Texas;
                   Diocese of Austin)
              Cameron, David (Self)
              Chastain, Lori (Self)
              Cranston, Catherine R. (Self)
              Farias, Miguel A. (Self and Adult Day Care Association
                   of Texas)
              Greebon, Karen (Self and ADAPT)
              Hanvey, RN, Phyllis (Self)
              Harracksingh, Rachel B. (Self and TEXAS Ambulance
              Horton, Colleen (Texas Center for Disability Studies)
              Hull, Ron (Self)
              Kafka, Bob (Self and ADAPT)
              Lachman M.D., M.P.H., Barry S. (Texas Association of
                   Health Plans)
              Linial, George (Texas Association of Homes and Services)
              Litzinger, Amy (Self)
              Litzinger, Linda (Self and Lisa Joseph)
              Litzinger, William (Self)
              McPhail, Jennifer (Self and ADAPT of Texas)
              Metz, Albert (Self and ADAPT)
              Riley, RN, Terri (Self)
              Saenz, Danny (ADAPT)
              Schnall, Rona (Self and ADAPT of Texas)
              Sitchler, Patricia F. (Self)
              Soza, Eloy (Self)
              Spahn, Wayne (Self and ADAPT)
              Sprinkle, G.K. (Texas Ambulance Association)
              Telge, Judy (Accessible Communities, Inc.)
              Templeton, James (Self and ADAPT)
              Thomas, Stephanie (Self and ADAPT)
              Thomason, David (Texas Association of Homes and Services
                   for the Aging)
              Van Winkle, James (Tri-County MH Consumers Inc.)
              Warner, Carrie (Self and Jennifer McPhail; Danny Saenz;
                   David Whitte; Rona Schall)
              Woodard, Gentry (St. Joseph Health System)
    On:       Briones, Sr., Felix (Self)
              Cooke, Jason (Health and Human Services Commission)
              Cranston, Ron (Self and ADAPT)
              Denton, Judy (Department of Human Services)
              Doggett, MD, Lisa (Peoples Community Clinic; Texas
                   Medical Association)
              Halfmann, Bobby (Department of Human Services)
              Hawkins, Albert (Health and Human Services Commission)
              Heep, Anthony W. (Christus Health System; Christus Spohn
                   Health System)
              Hine, Jim (Department of Human Services)
              Kelemen, George (AARP)
              Koosis, Tony (Self and Houston Center for Independent
                   Living (HCIL))
              Lorenzen, Steve (Health and Human Services Commission)
              Murphree, Susan (Advocacy, Inc.)
              Suehs, Thomas (Health and Human Services Commission)
              Wittie, David (Self and ADAPT of Texas)
              Wood, Norma (AARP)