Appropriations Committee
March 29, 2003-7:00A

    For:      Barker, Ann (Self)
              Bell, Gene (Texas Diabetes Council)
              Berry, Jorey (March of Dimes)
              Block, Roy (Self and Texas Foster Family Association)
              Craven, Susan (Texans Care for Children)
              De Luna-Castro, Eva (Center for Public Policy
              Forrester, Donald (Texas Baptist Chlidren's Homes and
                   Family Services)
              Fox, Rhonda (Self)
              Freeman, Lana (Texas State Foster Parents)
              Garza, J.G. (Self and Texans Supporting State Schools;
                   Parents Association for the Retarded of Texas)
              Gay, Clifford (Self)
              Guynn, MD, Robert (Harris County Psychiatric Center)
              Harracksingh, Rachel B. (Texas Ambulance Association)
              Hooser, Greg (Private Providers of Texas)
              Littlefield, Rita (Self and Texas Renal Coalition)
              Parker, PhD, Carolyn A. (Texas AIDS Network)
              Patterson, Blake (Deep East Texas Council of
                   Government-STAR Program)
              Reed, Jeff (Self)
              Romberg, Peggy (Women's Health and Family Planning
                   Association of Texas)
              Ross, DPM, MD, Dr. Jeffrey A. (Texas Diabetes Council;
                   Governor's Fitness Advisory Council)
              Scott, Ron (Self and Robin McClanahan)
              Sokol, PhD, Marian (Self and Any Baby Can, Inc.)
              Steiner, Dwight (Self)
              Tod, Theresa (Texas Network of Youth Services)
              Tracy, Kevin P. (Self)
              Waddleton, Wayne (Deep East Texas Council of Government
                   - STAR)
              Youngblood, Debra (Self and Texas Sunrise Services, Inc.
                   - D.B.A. Daybreak)
    Against:  Berry-Gordon, Bee (Self)
              Borel, Dennis (Coalition of Texans with Disabilities)
              Broussard, Ricky (Texas Advocates)
              Chastain, Lori (Self)
              Conner, Ben F. (Self)
              Conner, Gladys (Self)
              Criss, Judge Susan (Self)
              Derr, Patti (Self)
              Donelson, Olivia (Self)
              Esquveil, Faustino (Self)
              Ferguson, Charles (Self and Texans Supporting State
              Gantt, Melanie (Mental Health Association in Texas)
              Garnett, Dr. Richard (Arc of Texas)
              Gothart, Chance (Self)
              Gothart-Barron, Sherri (Self)
              Halligan, Mike (Texas Mental Health Consumers)
              Hankins, Barbara (League of Women Voters of Texas)
              Harris, Barbara (Self)
              Headrick, Carter (Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids)
              Headrick, Kelly (American Cancer Society)
              Hedrick, Mary M. (Self)
              Hello, Darlene (Self)
              Hyatt, Deborah (Texas Federation of Families for
                   Childrens Mental Health)
              Kafka, Bob (ADAPT of Texas)
              Kelly, Pamela (Reaching Maximum Independence)
              Kenney, Robert (Self)
              Kern, Diana (Self and National Alliance for the Mentall
                   Ill of Texas)
              Lamb, Linda L. (Self)
              Landry, Todd A. (Spaulding for Children)
              Laursen, Victoria (Self)
              Martin, Jackie (Self)
              Martinez, Eleanor (Self)
              Martinez Jr., Juan D. (Self)
              McDurham, Doug (Self and Communities in Schools of
                   Texas; Communities in Schools-McLennan County Youth
              McKay, Rebekah (Self)
              Miller, Jim (Self and Texans Supporting State Schools)
              Mizcles, Amy (The Arc of Texas)
              Moy, Diane Faucher (Self)
              Muckleroy, Penny (Self)
              Murphree, Susan (Self)
              Murray, Robert (Mission Road Developmental Center)
              Newhouse, Liz (Self and Epilepsy Coalition of Texas)
              Panks, Judy (Self)
              Ranson, Jude (Self)
              Shannon, Jackie (Self and NAMI of Texas)
              Simmons, Woody (Self)
              Smith, Carole Lynn (Private Providers Association of
              Snyder, Ruth (Self)
              Stephens, Mike (PART)
              Thomas, Stephanie (Self and ADAPT of Texas)
              Valdez, Arthur (Texas State Employees Union)
              Van Winkle, James (Self and Tri-County MH Consumers)
              Ward, Nancy (Self)
    On:       Chapmond, Thomas (Department of Protective and
                   Regulatory Services)
              Hale, Karen (Department of Mental Health and Mental
              Hayes, Aaryce (Advocacy Inc.)
              Heckler, Jeff (Family Forward)
              Kelemen, George (AARP)
              Krueger, Donna (Department of Protective and Regulatory
              Lutz, Judy (Department of Protective and Regulatory
              Marshall, Susan (Texas Council for Developmental
              Minot, Reid (Texas Hospital Association)
              Mooney, Dr. Curtis (DePelchin Children's Center of
                   Houston; Texas Alliance of Child and Family
              Murphree, Susan (Advocacy Inc.)
              Pharr, Machelle (Department of Health)
              Sanchez, MD, Eduardo (Department of Health)
              Stabeno, Debra C. (Department of Health)
              Stanley, MD, Sharilyn K. (Department of Health)
              Wall, Matt (Texas Hospital Association)
              Weiss, Moonyeen (Self)
              Welsh, Dinah (Texas Hospital Association)
              Yelenosky, Stephen (Advocacy Inc.; Community Services