Appropriations Committee
March 14, 2003-1:00P

    For:      Aiello, Gina (Self and Nurse Oncology Education Program)
              Bauer, Bruce (Texas Senior Advocacy Coalition)
              Bentley, Charlsa (Self)
              Cage, John (CSD of Texas)
              Craig, Tommy (National Federation of the Blind of Texas)
              Dannenbaum, James D. (Self and Cancer Council)
              Duvan, Ramon (The West Texas Organizing Strategy)
              Fuller, Deidra (Travis County Services for the Deaf and
                   Hard of Hearing)
              Gardner, Dr. Libby (Region Center XIII; Pflugerville
              Headrick, Kelly (American Cancer Society)
              Kennedy, Kent (Self)
              Moak, Lynn (Texas School Alliance; South Texas
                   Association of Schools)
              Oliveri, Rosalie (Network of Texas
                   Organizations/Alliance Schools)
              Perez de Colon, Mercedes (Avance, Inc.)
              Price, Davis B. (Self and West Texas Organizing
              Seeger, Mark (Self and Communications Services for the
              Skeith, Minerva Camarena (Network of Texas
                   Organizations/Alliance Schools)
              Wilson, Carolyn (Self)
              Zapata, Ofelia (Texas Interfaith Network; Alliance
    Against:  Derr, Eddie (Self and Florence I.S.D.; Texas Association
                   of Community Schools)
              Greenwade, Karen (Self and Texas Counseling Association)
              Lee, Mike (Booker ISD)
              Parker, Jimmy (Tahoka Independent School District)
              Pore, David (Association of Texas Professional Educators
              Ramirez, Lisa (Tahoka ISD)
              Schneider, Rodney (Whitharral ISD)
              Sheets, Gene (Self and Muleshoe ISD)
    On:       Alanis, Felipe (Texas Education Agency)
              Arrell, Max (Rehabilitation Commission)
              Casey, Skip (Coleman I.S.D.)
              Elder, Mary (Interagency Council on Early Childhood
              Friese, Jan (Texas Counseling Association)
              Greer, Carolyn (Self)
              Jacobs, Mickey L. (Cancer Council)
              Lello, Angela (Texas Association of Centers for
                   Independent Living)
              Lello, Angela (Self)
              Martin, George B. (Commission for the Deaf and Hard of
              McMichael, Ron (Texas Education Agency)
              Meinkowsky, John (ARCIL)
              Merrell, Dr. Leonard (Texas Association of School
                   Administrators; Texas Association of School Boards)
              Monroe, Bill (Texas Education Agency)
              Murphy, Terry (Commission for the Blind)
              Myers, David W. (Commission for the Deaf and Hard of
              Pritchett, Melanie (Texas Education Agency)
              Raab, Ted Melina (Texas Federation of Teachers)
              Smisko, Ann (Texas Education Agency)
              Wanser, Dave (Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse)
              Watkins, Joe Bill (Association of American Publishers)